Rainbow Hugs - 5cm 'i' version cards

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These cute wooden pocket Rainbows are perfect to remind your love one how much you care and are thinking of them when you are not there.

The wooden tokens are  rainbow shaped and engraved with the following message ' you got this' 'i miss you' in a handy 5cm size, perfect for keeping in bags, purses or pockets to carry the lovely message around with them.

Magnets or keyrings are available if you prefer to have them on your fridge.

They are 5cm wide non personalised

They come with a lovely 10cm square 400gsm card that has a beautiful verse 

All pocket hugs come with the lovely 10cm square 400gsm card that has a beautiful verse that reads 

           Sending you this little gift

To show you how much i care 

Here's a little hug for you 

For while i can't be there 

Cut from 3mm birch 

If you would like this sent directly to your recipient, please make sure you put their address down as the delivery address, no invoice will be sent with the card so they will just receive the card and token in the post.

Card 10cm
Token 5cm